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Standing in Love Day Workshop, June 17, 2017, 9-5 PM

Transformational Seminars on Mindful Living

In the history of human thinking the most fruitful developments frequently take place at those points where two different lines of thought meet.”  – W. Heisenberg


Spirit  | Science |  Society  | Self   | Work |   Play |

Nondual  H o l i s t i c   P a r a d i g m

Holism in Science


Conscious Living

Conscious Living and Co-Creation

Freedom & Responsibility – Universal View

Living Deliberately on Purpose, Knowledge and Joy 

Art and Science of Conscious Creation  

Understanding Intelligent Guidance of Emotion

Joy of Spiritual Parenting

Wisdom of Heart and Intuition



  • Central KY Healing Arts Association (CKYHAA)
  •  Advisory Director, Foundation for Women’s Education in Rural world, An Educational Non-profit Oraganization (see reference)
  • Treenaneel, A cultural non-profit organization and Chair of seminar and movie committee for Bangamela 2006
  • Friend of Lexington Shambhala, Friends for the Arts, Friends for the Library, Phoenix Institute, Friendship International


Susmita Barua

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Conscious Business and Leadership

Conscious Capitalism

Art of Becoming a Conscious Leader

Transforming Business Culture & Values: A New

Holistic Paradigm of Success

Self-knowledge for Self-mastery

Developing Emotional Intelligence and Intuition

Diversity: a Creative Necessity

Developing Higher Perception, Thinking & Listening Skills

Special Interest Topics

Evolution, Individual Vs. Social

Cross-cultural Perspectives: US and India

Transcending Duality For Real Peace

Knowledge, Its Nature & Evolution

Nature of Ego and Evolution of Individual Self

Workshops are developed in close cooperation with the Organization (Public, Private and Non-profits) by identifying the needs, problem areas, gaps in communication, opportunities and such with active feedback from the users/clients and employees. The goal is to enlighten and empower both the individual and the organization through knowledge and expanded perception and bridging conflicts through higher level thinking and integral perspectives in science, ecology, psychology and spirituality.

For all inquiries please contact:>Susmita Barua, M.A, M.Sc

Workshop Feedback & Comments

“Thankyou for giving this talk. It has Confirmed what I just guessed – that residing in a State of joy, even when no action is taken..matters beyond one’s own self!” – Kaye Williams (Writer, food-coop manager,

“Thankyou! Your workshop helped me to connect ideas and open myself to new ideas” – Susan Blanchett (Calculus Teacher)

“You have done an incredible job with a vast amount of material. It was an honor!” Debbie Howe (Director, Howe Charities for Human Enlightenment)

“Though I missed the first part for being late. I kind of got the main idea.You are a Splendid Speaker!” – Sumana Sinha (IT Developer)

“I found your workshop to be stimulating on a grand scale. I would be very interested in hearing more of your material.” – Kevin Sweeney (New Media Designer)

“Both of us thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! It brought home to me once more that there is so much to know and so little time to grasp it all. Let us know about your next lecture. God willing, we will be there.” – Dr. & Mrs. Mukherjee (Physician and Librarian)

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