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Nature is the only book I need to read.” Tibetan Yogi Milarepa, 11th century A.D.


3/19/2001 Aloka Mukherjee aloka_mukherjee @ Subject Your Site CommentsI AM IMPRESSED!!Always was aware that you are different from others that I have met in my walk through this life,but had no idea about your deep thinking. Some of the questions that you raise are my questions too.Please keep me informed about that book. Thanks for sharing this site with me. May God bless you. Boudi

4/17/2001 Kim L. FIVECATHA@AOL.COM Subject FeedbackYou have a beautiful site, made me do a lot of thinking about my self, especially the part of your children not being yours.I lost a child 9 years ago and since then I have realized that god gave him to me for some reason and then needed him back. thank you, Kim L.

5/12/2001 Sena Subject Your websiteI think your site is beautifully designed, and I like your open-minded approach. I feel the next step might be sharpen your opinions and help visitors to decide between the sometimes contradictory views of spiritual teachers. Best wishes, Sena, Omplace

7/3/2001 ClaireZ Subject commentJust want to say the K. Gibran and Rumi quotes were “delightful” – and I’m certainly “open” to anything “senior citizens” might be able to DO to help breathe life back into a beleaguered “Planet.” At my age I’m definitely “not” in need of more courses of services – I’d just like a place where I could meet kindred spirits that: “Want to give something back!”

6/30/2001 Ambika CommentsHello Mita, this is a very lovely web site.. also very largebeautiful images and words. might give some info about you..your credentials and things like that.. maybe I missed it, maybe I didn’t.. good luck though.. some type might be in a shade darker colour for easier reading.. since there is so much text. Pl. also check out mine..

8/10/2001 Anne CommentsWhat a resource! I had no idea this type of holistic counseling was available in my own backyard. Thank you for providing this service to your community!

8/25/2001 Meenakshi Jha Subject comment sent on 8/24/0Please accept my congratulations and many thanks for creating an inspiring web-site like Seek to Know. I have added your website to my bookmark. I am going to be reading and savouring its pages and will write to you if I want to share my thoughts. Your website is doing a great service to men and women who are seeking their self but may not how to. I wish you all the very best. Love Meenakshi, Australia


Most difficult thing to do in life is to hear your own heart and soul!

9/24/2001 Alan Subject Your work and siteDear Mita, I visited your site and it is so beautiful! Congratulations on the wonderful work you are doing. I have bookmarked the site to go back and read every page thoroughly. You sharewonderful wisdom and insight. Thank you for your being, and willingness to give. I am originally from Kentucky, and grew up in Mt. Sterling, about 30 miles from Lexington. I went to college at Transylvania University there in Lexington. So where you live now is my original home. It is a beautiful place to be…. Alan Seale, author, INTUITIVE LIVING: A SACRED PATH(WeiserBooks, 2001). Available in bookstores now!

10/13/2001 Caroline Webb Subject Thank You for linkDear Susmita CIIS has just started to develop its presence on the internet and it is my job to find places that are relevant to our work and to follow up on leads and e-mails that have come in over the last 6 months or so. Thus your e-mail has reached me and I have been to your site to take a look. I was impressed! Very nice site. This is to thank you for placing a link to California Institute of Integral Studies. If there is ever room to put in our full name, that would be great, but it is not urgent ! We are delighted that you have put us up there anyway. All best wishes ——-California Institute of Integral Studies 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94130 website:

11/21/2001 Joan Subject comment sent on 11/19/01I have heard that when one is ready to learn a teacher will appear. I believe this is what has happened today. I was looking for a day spa when somehow I stumbled onto your beautiful webpage. I was mesmerized by the wealth of free information and lovely photos you have included. As I read your thoughts and philosophy on life and happiness I felt a sense of hope that I haven’t felt for a very long timehope..that even at my advanced age (55),I may still be able to find a way to fulfill the potential I was given at birth but have never been able to access because of negative blocks( mostly created by me). I would like for you to be my guide as I explore the possibilities…

12/2/2001 *Ladybear~ Subject Lovely PageGrEeTiNgS oF PeAcE~~ Thank You for your beautiful & positive site to the www~~ * Sharing * Tolerance * Love * Peace * Joy * Unity * Diversity * Compassion * Action * Life * Please visit my site when you have a chance * it is located at ~~HaNd 2 HaNd & HeArT 2 HeArT~~PeAcE iS PoSsIbLe~~WiTh LoVe~~Ladybear~

12/12/2001 Everett E Allie Subject RealityYou have an interesting site. I note,however, the’dancing’sentence, “I create my…”. It should read: ” I create my own (subjective) reality.” Objective (factual)reality is primary to, and stands independent of, cognizance or conception. Everett E. Allie

12/27/2001 Andy Hughes Subject Comment Sent on 10/1/01Mita: Thank you for your kind words about my “work” on the Seth Material summary…. I enjoyed your web site and will explore it more as I have time. I also enjoyed looking at some of theDatre material I found via a search engine. I had not read it before. Keep up the good work. May your life’s purposes be fulfilled.

Purdue University School of Electrical and Computer, Andy’s Seth Page

4/16/2002 Michael Teal Subject Greetings from AncientHello Mita I happened upon your website during my travels on the net. My compliments on a job well done. You are a person of many talents and blessings. I wish you great success in all endeavors. I am a psychic / spiritual advisor in Canada. I must say I enjoyed your site and amimpressed with your accomplishments. I hope you achieve all in life that you desire. May happiness be your constant companion.

Forever in Peace Micheal Teal The Ancient One

6/29/2002 gadby Subject alignmentWe are one, as we, that’s you and I, see the what is of reality with the same eyes. The spirit that drives me to seek that which is beyond small self is also the spirit that drives you to seek andexpress Truth. As I look in the eyes of the one in the mirror I see you in me, and I in you, and love you just for being there, I give you my heart.  – Gadby

7/16/2002 Maya Subject Hi Mom!Hi! Just felt bored and decided to stop by! Nice layouts and great pictures! I love it, but love you more!

8/7/2002 Godhuli and Pothik (Teens) Chatterjee @ Subject from Houston, TexasHi! We just visited your website and were very impressed by the poems, pictures, quotations, and the general feel of the website – it looks so professional! Sukhendu uncle is visiting us here and he gave us the URL, and we’re glad we checked this out. Bye

8/12/2002 Nisandeh Neta Subject Comments sent 8/10/02I’ve just visited your website and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to thank you for creating it. I found it amazing how much work, care and enthusiasm you’ve put into creating your site. For me, these qualities say a lot about the quality of your work.. Let me know if I can support you in any other way.I wish you success, abundance and joy! Warm regards Nisandeh Neta

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“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” – Jesus

9/1/2002 Amit Bhatt Subject Comments sent 8/13/02Mita Namaste! ..’Seek To Know” is surely a beautiful and inspiring site. The profound wisdom is presented in such a way that any individual shall be inspired after reading it. I’ll be happy to find a niche in your inspiring web site. Once again, Thank You. Amit Visit Amit Bhatt online

10/10/2002 Sean King 10-10-2002 Subject Magnificent WorkI have briefly reviewed your website, and I want to congratulate you on a masterpiece, I am marking it as a favorite and will have it memorized and be mezmerized by all you have created. Thank you, sean

10/16/2002 Adam Subject Comments sent 9/11/02I’ve just roamed around your site. Your lessons are very powerful and needed in times such as these. I wonder if you’ve read my friend Neale’s book? You can find out more about it here In service & solidarity, Adam Fletcher — Founder, The Freechild ProjectResources for Social Change By and With Young People

12/2/2002 Niki From: nikirvine < <p=”” 01=”” 4=”” 7=”” on=”” sent=”” comment=”” subject=””>Hi Mita. Thankyou very much for your response to my letter. It has helped me to look at things from a different point of view, and my anger has subsided a bit. In time I know i will be fine. Thankyou for caring, at least I know someone is out there if I need help. Thankyou so much love Niki

1/12/2003 Carol Alvarez Subject love your siteI have very good reason to believe we create our own reality ! and presently the world lives in ignorance , the reactions of the human race prove this!

Subject As soon as the struggle ends29 yr old Dean here from Cape Town, South Africa … Love that quote, and this site. Great idea to have spiritual websites, since our mind and attitudes is really where it’s at. Been through very profound changes in these last four years, making many shifts within myself and ..well the only thing I can say is I’m so surely moving towards what we know of as a ‘miracle’ or a veryprofound shift in perception. Becoming more and more sensitive to so many things, so many new discoveries ..and hell are they amazing! Here’s me! ((: .. :

6/03/2003 Comment on progress reportMita, your progress note is so wonderful!!! Congratulations on your progress and more importantly on your vision. Your work is a perfect example of the reason we started The Howe Charities. Thank you so much. Listen, there is a very exciting conference in San Francisco, in October – please check out this website Let me know what you think and thank you for being on the earth at this most important time.Bless you.

Debbie Howe, Founder and Director, Howe Charities

6/13/2003 Dale Briggs Subject seekinggot here through a link at the reluctant messenger. Love all that you have to say.

7/15/2003 Teresa Subject traveling….sailing..So happy I stopped by your site. It brings joy into my heart and delivers the question, “what is my life’s purpose?

9/14/2003 John Rutt Subject GuestCommentI love your site! Especially the quotes of Gibron, Rumi, Ghandi! It restores my soul and belief in humanity when I see a site like yours! Namaste!

1/4/2004 Crystal Subject Your sitei love your website and will return to it often for inspiration!! crystal 10/6/03

5/3/2004 Mary Boyer mboyerblack@msn.comI just found your website and find what you have to say is very appealing to me. I cannot attend your workshop on 5/15 but would like to know more about you. Thank you, Mary

1/31/2004 William Harris Subject humble life-path advicAlways think positive twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Visualize all events (even events that don’t involve you) yielding positive results! Peace to all. Namaste

5/19/2004 Thurman Smith Subject Guest CommentsA wonderful site, I look forward to reading more.

TUT: A Philosophical Club for Adventures of Life

7/10/2004 Filly Tierney Subject G’tn Library seminarMy friends and I are looking forward to meeting you next weekend.

8/29/2004 Micheal Teal Subject HelloThe Divine Breath of Life has provided me with a soft breeze that i might sail the seas of cyberspace. It was while on this soulful journey that i found your special gathering place. I enjoyed its peaceful atmosphere . Thank you for sharing your unique and personal pages. May the Whisper of the Soul inspire your dreams . When we share our story we provide a song the soul can sing thereby enriching the lives of all who hear it. I wish for you an education of the soul uplifting and enlightening. May Dreams become reality and flow like a river which nourishes the mind and embraces the spirit.

Yours in Simple Wisdom Micheal Teal The Ancient One

Female Buddha India 7th Century

5/31/2004 Lea Shultz Subject Love and Blessings to youI met you on the first Sunday in May (I believe it was) when you came to Phoenix Institute to hear Samuel. At that time you gave me a flyer for your “Conscious Living and Co-Creation” mini-workshop. I don’t know if anyone from Phoenix attended your workshop, but if they did I know that they would have had a powerfully wonder-filled experience. I say that with confidence after reading through your web site. From your site, I was left with the sense that you have an incredible mind, powerful energy work, and loving heart–the ingredients I look for in the many different sorts of work that I come into contact with; ingredients which, all too often, don’t show up together! As we say around Phoenix, Bless you BIG!

I hope it works out that you’re able to return to Phoenix and hopefully get more involved, we would all benefit from both your loving spirit and spiritual knowledge, and hopefully you would benefit, too, from Samuel’s teachings that seem to so closely line up with yours. (I loved that!) As we say around Phoenix, Bless you BIG! Thank you for spreading your Light not only on the internet, but in Lexington! Lea Schultz, Founder and Leader of Phoenix Institute

9/12/2004 Karlin Klavin Subject Guest book signI am grateful for your work here!


From: Lshlain@****.com To: i_quest123@****.comDate: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 22:05:05 EDT

Subject: Re: Feedback From Susmita: IDEA FESTIVAL, KY Message-ID: <1a7.29a67968.2e9c95d1@****.com>

Dear S, Thank you for your sharing your OOB experince with me. I plan to address these phenomenon in my forthcoming book Leonardo’s Brain. Best LS (Dr. Leonard Shlain)

note: What Dr shlain called OOB experience, a was actually an OOM (out of mind) experience!

12/17/2004 Bobby Jordan Subject SubscriptionDesire subscribe to your on line newsletter. Thanks, Bobby Jordan

1/6/2005 Jamie Subject Rich Web Site!Greetings, Mita. A friend forwarded the link to your web site, Seek2Know, knowing that I’d enjoy what you’ve shared there. I’ve just paid the most cursory of visits, and know I’ll spend a bit more time looking over the riches at the site. Many thanks, and wishing you a very bountiful and joyful 2005.

Sincerely, Jamie, Author, Big Vision, Small Business & Contributor, Positively MAD: Making a Difference in Your Organizations, Communities, and the World ~ Visionary resources for conscious enterprise and inspired leadership Jamie S. Walters ~ Founder, Ivy Sea, Inc. ~  Producer, Ivy Sea Online

1/6/2005 Paula Subject WebsiteI am awed to know that you created and developed your site. It is really beautiful, and as a reflection of your mind shows the love that you are quite clearly.

3/15/05 Subject You

Mita, You are such a wonderful person. I am always so touched by your calm..serene approach to life. Your presence is a gift and your peacefulness is like a comforting blanket. Thank you for being in my life and a part of this work! – An Anonymous Friend

1/10/2005 Wolfgang Subject money articleHi Mita, thanks for sharing your idea about the money problem. Your point is perfectly right, though hardly being discussed yet in the open public. The more important are contributions like yours.Thanks and kind regards,

Dr. Wolfgang Fischer, München Initiative Emanzipation ad Humanum

1/12/2005 Zev Saftlas Subject Mita Keep up your goodMita You created an Empowering Site! Zev Saftlas

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

1/22/2005 Dawn Subject Response to seek2knowI am impressed by your site, and commend you on it. Congratulations on your many awards! It is always tremendously reassuring to know and see that there are many of us engaged in this important endeavor. I am glad to know you are “out there” too.

Dawn Adrian Adams, Ph.D. (Choctaw), Founder and President of Tapestry Institute

2/18/2005 Mark Subject Site Comments Very Cool! Mark

5/6/2005 Bettye Johnson bettye(at) Subject HelloI am enchanted with your website. Again, thank you for sharing you thoughts on the Forum,Gather the Women. Bettye Johnson. Author, Secrets of The Magdalene Scrolls

5/11/2005 Dr.Muhammad Mukhtar Al Subject Appreciationseek2know is a great website .I would like to seek wider dessemination of the communications for transforming money. There is a possibility to seek unity in the monotheisitic framework as abidance to all the commands for preventing usury is possible and workable for social harmony,eternal wellbeing and ecolgical safety.

5/23/2005 C. W. Subject your email and postDearest Mita: Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and enlightening post. I appreciated your hard work and open hearted writing that was so very inclusive and touching. You are a guardian of the Self who isn’t afraid to make herself vulnerable and to “travel upstream” with the rest of us. Thank you so very much for being you, for sharing you, and for also fearing not to always put yourself out there. You are a beloved woman of the light, a Goddess of her own right!

Yours Eternal, Chris

7/8/2005 Austin Subject HelloLike what you’re doing here.

7/5/2005 Claire Morgan Subject Peace and HarmonyThis is where I come for Peace and Harmony. The rest of the time you can find me at home here: Cavern Crystals My best regards to everyone. claire

8/18/2005 Bettye Johnson Subject A kindred spiritI was led to explore your site again and all I can say is we are of like mind. I love every aspect of your site and realize I must come again and again to savor the wonderful essence of yourself that you share and the vast vault of information you have. I am enchanted. B.Johnson, Author

8/30/2005 Elena Rubin Subject Kabbalah articleDear Sir/Madam, We had a look at your website It is a great site with interesting content. We would like to offer you the ability to add our articles on the subject of kabbalah to your site at no charge. Our goal is to disseminate this information to as many people in the world as possible, and not in any way to take visitors away from your site. All our material is by foremost Kabbalist Michael Laitman from Israel, (PhD in Philosophy, M.S. in Bio-Cybernetics), a scientist by profession, and author of over 20 books on Kabbalah. Sincerely, Elena Rubin Bnei Baruch, Marketing Manager Boston, MA, USA

9/24/2005 Debbe Kennedy Subject Congratulaion & feedbaI wanted to acknowledge your lovely email. Visited briefly at your site and know we share much in common. Looking forward to connecting with you.

With gratitude… Debbe, Founder and President, Global Dialogue Center

9/24/2005 Bonnie Kelley Kaback Subject Wow!Wow… Mita I just went to your website…we sure are on the same wavelength… in so many ways. I honor the depth and breadth of what you are doing. Keep an eye on our website too, we’re on a roll to make it more comprehensive as our own understanding of stepping into this living archetype of Evolutionary Women gains clarity and momentum.

LOVE Bonnie, Founder Evolutionary Women

10/13/2005 Janos Abel Subject Your Money ArticleThe quality of projects linked to from your website is truly inspiring but your own material has the added quality of weaving these efforts together–and the cursor is a delight to use. I had a cursory look around and want to congratulate and thank you for a professional tour through these soul enriching places.

Thanks for the great work you do in cyberspace.
Respect and regards.
Janos, UK
Evolution is happening here and now;
The capacity for foresight in the human species is its latest innovation.

10/13/05 km @

This morning I happened across your seek2know website. It is an amazing discovery and very much speaks from my own heart. The only thing is, my life is out of balance with my heart.I would like to learn more about how you use your gifts on a more personal level..very anxious to hear from you.
Regards, Kim, RN, MSN

10/18/2005 David Soori Subject Comment

Your site is brilliant, I am glad to have been introduced! David, UK

10/24/2005 Henry Dribble Subject selfI am very impressed by this site. I came to it via a search that lead to your quotations and essays on money. I found them very valuable. it is a subject I am researching. My background is dominated by Wittgenstein so I am very aware of the importance of understanding that how I do something influences what I do. Thus I have been plunging into the relativistic notion of meaning via the understanding of how we learn and perform human activities. I think you refer to this as self but I have trouble with that term since it seems to impart more than a point in time and space or a direction which is what we all may just be. thanks for the site.

Henry Dribble A view from the asylum

10/12/05 Comment

I love your site full of self empowerment. Keep the light shinning you are doing wonderful work. I will have to get down to Kentucky sometime. Love Laura, Vancouver BC, The Guardians

If you want to change the world… start with the person in the mirror. It is that simple…that difficult.” – Laura

10/13/05 Comment: Thankx for your site!
I found you website while looking for David Cameron’s info. The site name attracted me.I especially enjoyed your word origins section and all of the awesome quotes. You’ve done quite a bit of research/searching. Thanx for sharing! Sending love and wishes for ‘the best’! Heather Love

7/11/05 Response to email

I’m just downloaded money information from your site and look forward to reading it. As an activist that for several years organized a community-based currency program, I look forward to exploring ways to link democracy, local community control, and money which brings the macro down to the micro.Will be back in touch. – Greg Coleridge, POCLAD


Comment on Corporation Forum Post

Hi I’m melisa and you sound very intelligent. I just watched the documentary, The Corporation and was really interested in our corrupt economy and how to make something out of it. I will visit your site more often to read more about your notion on money. I’m 16 and I don’t know very much but I want to learn more. I’m very new to this. I’m not studying about our economy because it is a school project; I want to study it as a leisure thing. I’m really interested in making the world a better place.

comment Cindy Brooks, Author, Louisville
Wow! I love your site.
Your site  Mishu Barua
You’re at a wonderful stage of understanding as i see it! I loved your vision and perspective,but here i am more dry and analytical in nature– i think. The best way i can conclude your perspective is with those Buddha’s words in your homepage “All things are preceded by mind, led by mind, created by mind.” You have to be very careful when you ‘rethink Money’, as money is for mindfuls to work mindlessly;-) Thank you again for the site, a rush of fresh air.Mishu, UK

On Sat, 4 Mar 2006 IrvingK57 @ writes: Greetings Dear Susmita! As fellow travelers on a spiritual path, may I commend to you my book, Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel, a mystical adventure tale on the Sufi path of Love. I think you will like it. You can view the book and read an excerpt here. In the Name of the Merciful, 10% of all profits go to charity. And please accept my deep gratitude. It is surely no coincidence that our paths have crossed in the aether.May the Source bless you and increase your love and wisdom. Peace and Many Blessings Irving, NYMarch 6, 2006 Money article donotspamwastate @

Mita, do you have any suggested references I can look up to learn more about how Germany used debt-free, interest-free during WW2? I didn’t know Germany did that during that time period, it’s very interesting to me, and may help answer critics who think debt-free, interest-free money would have to be inflationary, etc. Thanks. Joel

3/11/2006 fredburks @ Thanks for sharing the wisdom you’ve gained through your deep spiritual journeys in the many beautiful pages of this website. May we all continue to find ways to inspire each other to live ever more in love and joy with each other. I love your commitment to all that you are doing!With much love, joy, and gratitude,

3/15/06 Visitor CommentI found you link at Rudy’s What a lovely web site you have here! Jess England/Cheshire.

Comments 3/20/2006 Lees Your site has surprised me! Learned a lot new. Simply remarkable! Please Continue in the same spirit! Thanks!!!:-)


3/22/06 comment: Thanks for writing
I browsed through your site, saw some of your articles on monetary reform. I could put them in the Articles section as well; could make a bio of you with references to the articles, and, theycould be added as references to the existing entries on monetary reform. Fascinating life and profile! Also, can put your site in the Friends of the P2P Foundation blogroll.

Michel Bauwens,,, Chiang Mai, Thailand

4/8/06 comment: Hi paul.vittle (at) am sorry to trouble you but I came across your web site and was very impressed. Like you i am a counsellor and work in similar areas to yourself. I will be flying and staying at Lexington for a week before going with my friend (Wilson Wells) to Washington DC. It would be really nice while at Lexington, to perhaps meet up with someone in my field. I must say that I am so envious of the flying twisting…… ‘Love and trust yourself’ How did they do that? I wonder if I could learn? Best wishes Paul Vittle, South Coast of England

4/19/06 Comment Thank You. SharonI came to your site through Manifestlife Forum. Your dreams and sprit shine through your presentation here. Wanted to say thank you for sharing. It’s great to meet others who have similar thoughts.

Sharon Honning

5/6/06 idesignforyou @ hotmail

You are ONE AMAZING woman and I see you speaking before large audiences sharing your particular brand of wisdom and sharing your magic with all that have the open hearts to receive. You go Girl!!

Infinite love, blessings and joy! Vickie


5/06/2006 Your awesome article: Invisible women of Science and TechnologyHey you awesome syndicated columnist prepare yourselfs for extreme exposure because over the next few months your columns will be going on 50 state community portal sites so get excited we at BrenAriS Online Media are very excited to have found you!

Valerie J. stevens, BrenAris Online Media


5/08/06 Comment Thanks for Support pride

Thanks for being so supportive of us already! We are working hard to move into the Lexington area and your support is the start of our light in your area!Blessings to you, Mark Webster, Founder, Promise Magazine

5/18/2006 Comment: A Joyful Meeting!

The web site is fantastic; Mita is a joy. I had the pleasure of meeting her recently. She ‘is’ everything her wonderful web site says. We chatted for a while and it felt as if I had known her all my life and before. I do hope my modest work in the same areas can blossom and flourish like Mita. It would be good to hear from you.

Paul Vittle, Life Coach and Retired Principal, UK

5/23/06 Invitation to Join Circle CarolDear Susmita, You are receiving this mail because you are listed in the original Gather the Women Living Directory that I initiated in 2003. It has been a long time since I communicated with you. I am writing at this time to let you know about an exciting new women’s organization I have co-founded with Ann Smith and Rhonda Hull called Circle Connections, Inc. I feel this membership organization fills a need that has up to now been unfilled. Circle Connections offers training, education and support to women who wish to start, nurture and/or sustain a circle and will shortly offer its members state of the art technology to find, connect and collaborate with other circles throughout the United States and Canada. Through the empowerment of women connecting in circle, together with the ability to connect circles of like interest, we believe the women’s circle movement will become a major catalyst in creating a world of harmony and peace. We cordially invite you to join us! Only Love Prevails,

Carol Hansen Grey Living Directory Administrator Co-Founder Circle Connections

6/29/06 RE: “My story w/David korten at public library

Sounds very inspiring!! I’m sorry I missed you in action too Susmita. I planned on going to these but had some emergency items. Do you know if any of this was recorded audio or video? I collect local lectures.

Also at the end of summer there will be a fundraiser cocktail party for citizensCREATE! hosted by the Isenhours (Carnegie Center & Lexington Arts League directors) wondered if you or anyone you know would be interested in supporting Arts, Community, & Citizenry. Just send me addresses and I’ll put them on the invite list.

Take Care, Kevin, Founder CitizensCREATE & maker of Crossed-up cronies puzzle

6/30/06 Re: “My story w/David korten at Public library”I applaud your courage and I honor you! Yes, you are right on and the more people who speak out, perhaps it will awaken people to what is really going on. I have known this (money issue) for years and for those of us who have the minds to know, we can be lights unto the world. Please keep on keeping on and ask that the wind be at your back. Queen Elizabeth I called the wind when the Spanish Armada came and look what happened. The Armada fleet sank and England was saved.

Each day I begin by saying that “I experience a miracle today.” May miracles abound in your life and I am honored that you shared your story with me.

Bettye Johnson, Award Winning Author

7/02/06 “Website Response” RE: My story w/David Korten at Public libraryHi Mita! I’m joining you in envisioning a completely different means of valuing our work and services. I am very aware the banking and financial cover-ups are the most well hidden of all. It is sad how little reliable information there is covering this huge piece. I will be sending out a piece on the MoneyMasters video in a few weeks, as it is the best I’ve found, though even it is lacking in a number of areas. Thanks for your courage!!!

With very best wishes, Fred Burks for the team

07/12/2006 DR.PRABIR DUTTA Web site URL: http://www.cmakol.orgYour site is Thought provoking. Came as member of dgcommunity. Yes like info on next workshop.


07/26/2006 Name: Hiroki Niizato Web site URL: livelanguageHi, just came across your beautiful site. I’m very, very impressed. Thank you and please keep up the great work. I was looking for the exact Tagore poem about “I slept and dreamt life was joy… Yes like Info on next workshop.

7/31/06 Re: What a Joy and Synchronicity!Hello Mita, Wonderful One! You brought so much joy in my day! What a true joy and synchronicity to meet you virtually! And what an amazing visionary philosopher and loving catalyst you are! With the passion and charm to spare! 🙂 I really like your expression, your intentions, your ideas, your wonderful spirit!

I would like to share and learn more about, from and with you in this amazing journey here at zaadz and beyond. You have so many wonderful resources in your profile, blog and web site that will give me great food for thought and for my soul for days, weeks and months to come… 🙂 Wishing you all the peace, love, and happiness life can ever offer – for an eternity longer than a lifetime!

This Oasis of Joy pod is now a happier place because of you! It must be self-reflection or kindred soul connection for I can repeat all of your words and they would be so true for you too! You really made my day and even week today! Your site is wonderful and there are so many treasures in it for seekers and finders of the truth and joy! I really liked your tagore poems and word meanings Take Joy and Courage in your wonderful journey.

Darina, Founder of Joy Bringer Pod at zaadz 🙂

8/03/2006 Comment on site and moneyI dont really know how I got to this link…maybe through successive link from development gateway. I really liked your thought process especially with relation to our planetary existence [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][read existentialism]. Your article on ‘money’ also called for interesting reading. My interest is further fissioned by the fact that I was actually reading something which emanated from a woman of my community [the Bong buddhist]. Keep going

Warm regards, Satyabrata Barua, Mumbai, India

8/26/2006  Big Thanks Alan Zulch host @ global-mindshift
Thanks for linking us and letting us know about the FCPS 20/20 site. I found your posting and passed it along to our exec director who is working on an education initiative of her in the Silicon Valley. Very handy! And, a big thanks for the DroppingKnowledge link, too (off the 20/20 site). That is a great resource!
Alan Zulch, Global Mind Shift, Explore, Make & Amplify the Shift
9/07/2006 comment sent by  Dr. John. Parks
Hi again Mita: I just went to your website. What a wonderful job you did in designing your website !!!!!!!!! Beautiful pictures, ideas, and poems and inspiring quotations from hundreds of great world teachers. I was blown away! A very very nice job. Congratulations !!!!!!

9/10/2006 Comment From Zaadz


09/21/2006 Feedback on Seek2know blog from: bsaranapala@***.caGreetings Susmita,

Thank you very much for the email and for sending me the blogs of interesting topics. I will definitely send the blogs to some of my friends who might be interested in reading them. I also have visited your site. It’s really neat and interesting. I am happy for what you are doing. Hope all is well with you. Blessings!

Rev. Saranapala, Buddhist Chaplain, University of Toronto


10/01/2006 Comment by Lynda Koenemann, J.D., C.Ht.

I really like your website. I like it how it is you speak from your heart. Continue to do your purpose. I am glad you are in this world. I ran into it by accident while researching directories. I can always keep your information should any of my clients could use your services.

Blessings, Lynda K, Web site URL:

10/31/2006 Thoughts on Money, Hans from Zaadz

After reading the thread in the zPod I decided to mail you directly instead of through the thread. The subject you started is an important one and the knowledge shared is quite valuable.However, I found that reading the conversation and keeping track of thoughts becomes difficult after some time (this is by nature of these kinds of discussions of course). Wouldn’t it be an idea to plea for a wiki functionality added to the zPod? This way we could extract knowledge from the threads and co-create a (structured) document used to communicate the knowledge and ideas formed in the zPod in an easy to read fashion for a lot of people. Would you think that this could be a valuable add-on to the zPod?Regards, Hans, Netherlands.

12/03/06 Comment from PascalAll of your site is wonderful. You really do show how someone can turn around their life and start to fulfill their true destiny: to serve others in what they excell or to beam their good soul vibes to help people

Pascal Gillon, Founder of, visiting from

12/15/2006 Spiritual Activism and your GTW posting Email sent by Bruce S.I just wanted to say hi, and thank you, for your work across the internet — for your articulate vision, your passion — and this recent posting to GTW. I did spend some time on your web site, checking out this article Transforming Money to Transform Capitalism And I thought to myself — this is a talented lady, maybe she would be interested in the work we are doing….

* By way of intro — I am a programmer and writer and interfaith activist, and created the networking system for GTW — and many other groups — through which you posted your message. There is a very brief review of the “Interspirit” network here: The idea has been — build one broadly inclusive network system that can support many overlapping and related interfaith/spirit-led projects that are intended to make a better world… One project that is emerging from all of this — is The Global Resonance Network

This project is all about this new concept of “resonance”, as it emerges as a kind of non-ideological approach to Spirit. After many years of experience with interfaith, I got the feeling that we needed to find a way to bring spiritual power into this context — which otherwise tends to be an exercise in polite political correctness — and not all that attractive or inspiring to most people — and it seems to me that “resonance” solves this critical issue…

Reading your materials, I thought you might be interested in joining the small cadre of visionary writers who are coming together on the resonance network. I think you would be very appreciated there, and would find some angels and energy that you might not find anywhere else… one feature is our “wiki” — a collaborative database — right now, there are over 5,300 quotations, mostly on the concept of “Oneness” — taken from over 500 references — and something over 100 articles — one of which is yours (I think you give permission for this kind of thing, if attribution is included…) Your “Seek to Know” site is listed as a “reference” here: I thought it belonged here, not only because you are a good writer and with a lot of heart, but particularly because we have a passionate member, Dr. Wolfgang Fischer, who is working to develop to very similar ideas on global capitalism, and I think he would very much appreciate your presence. Right now, there is a two-pronged development agenda beginning to emerge 1) define and create a kind of “universal communion” process around the world — maybe create an international network of related groups, possibly build a physical center in los angeles 2) convene a conversation on political issues — particularly in terms of this agenda — which is largely aimed at USA domestic politics… So. That’s a lot. Take a look if you can. I think you would like this place — but I know, everybody is busy, and doing all we can. Just wanted to extend an invitation — and thanks for your vision and passion and expertise — – Bruce

Bruce Schuman Santa Barbara CA USA Interspirit Foundation – Global Resonance Network

01/01/2007 Your Money Material, Email from Nicole GI came across your website when I was trying to understand more about how money works, and its helped clarify several things for me. I already have permission from quite a few others (who have written “New constitutions” and an economist from England, James Robertson, who wrote something called “Future Wealth”. I am wondering if you would kindly give me permission to include some of your material on this subject for my screenplay. Naturally, I would quote you and reference your website.

I have read quite a few other people’s,thoughts on money, but your thoughts woke up a heart-felt resonance within me that helped me to understand better what the issue is all about, and how it can be transformed. I’d enjoy staying in touch with you. – Nicole Graboi

01/16/2007 Comment: Your site Richard MMita, I am very impressed by your website! Did you do it yourself? If so, I would like to learn from you. It looks good and has terrific content. Quakers and Buddhists have a lot in common, especially those of us who are Quaker universalists.Yours for justice & peace,

Richard Mitchell, Central Kentucky Council for Peace & Justice

12/30 & 01/20/2007 Bluegrass Speaker Series Rebecca G.

Mita it was so good to see you at the planning meeting today. I love the good energy you emit. I think your article is very good, with many excellent points made. Each semester, I organize a speakers’ series here at Bluegrass Community and Technical College. I wanted to run an idea by you. At the meeting this past Sunday, you brought up the issue of creating a culture of peace. It makes me sad that we are so very, very far away from that ideal that it is hard for many to even conceptualize what that would entail. For that reason, I thought that it might be interesting and educational to sponsor an essay contest as part of the Second Annual Peace and Global Citizenship Fair.

At BCTC, the Peace and Justice Coalition sponsors a speakers series each semester. There are usually about 8 or 9 speakers who come to talk about all sorts of social justice, peace, political, and ecological sustainability issues. We’ve had talks on the conflict in Sri Lanka, the School of the Americas, the Chinese New Year, the Mexican Day of the Dead, mountaintop removal, Chernobyl, Iran, Iraq, Israel/Occupied Territories, and so on. Wendell Berry came one time and we had a concert with a slideshow that accompanied his talk. We’ve also had Bobbie Ann Mason, Erik Reece, and other authors. Thanks so much for bringing up the culture of peace idea. Take care,

Rebecca C. Glasscock, PhD; Associate Professor, Geography,Faculty Advisor, Peace and Justice Coalition, BCTC


2/20/2007 Comment on Vision:  Your Vision Inspires and upliftsI aspire to be more like you… you are enchanting and wonderful. I loved your page, your view, your work & would love to have you as a friend!  Please accept my invitation with love, light, abundance and joy for this perfect day. Your light shines thru cyberland into my spirit, uplifting as it goes… You are magic. May your bounty bowl you over and life surprise you in wonderful ways… Keep sharing your light. It’s working : )

Bless You Friend!!!  Danielle from Zaadz

Thanks for your feedback on Dgcommunity (ememo from Nancy B)Greetings. This is a quick follow-up to the dgCommunities Member Survey you completed in 2006.  As mentioned in the questionnaire, we will be featuring member spotlights on our Web site:

The member spotlights have been composed and I am seeking photos to post with stories. Can you send me a photo of yourself?  The photo can be JPEG, TIFF, or Bitmap format. I will contact you before your story is featured.

Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to hear from you.

Nancy Bellegarde, Web Coordinator, Development Gateway Foundation_________________________________________________________

From zaadz friends
5/28/2007 From Allison
Hi there, It is wonderful to meet you technologically. As I have just graduated from the Transpersonal Psychology program here at Naropa University, I am seeking ways to become a holistic counselor. As I begin to plot out a private practice- I am aware that I want to be more than simply a counselor and I am trying to figure out what that will look like….your framework is a great tool for me…any ideas will be welcome. Peace and blessings -Allison
5/28/2007 From Desmond Re: Invitation to be a friend
Thank you Mita it is my joy as well. Eye have read your Blogs and simply love your wisdom and truths. We have a new world consciousness to share with those who are waiting for it. Thank you for your ocean of love .


As a future Board Member, what do you see yourself doing with us? What kind of things are you wanting to share, and what do you want to do that is not being done?  I want to put you in a comfortable and effortlss place here with us, and together with you on our team, we can drive our message deeper out into the world society. Bring people back togther in community toward Global  Unity by way of Quantum Psychology and Divine Inspiration.

I would like to know if you would possibly donate a few articles about your message, studies, inspirations, thoughts, etc. I would put them in the new ebsite for it’s unveiling. I need great content to make it successful, and your work is amazing! Any other suggestions would be greatly honored.

Love and Light to you my friend,

The Visionary Architect


On 8/3/07, iCommons < <noreply @> wrote:

    Hey there Susmita! Just a quick note from me about using this article in the iCommons Lab Report – iCommons’ monthly newsletter (in pdf format…

    I was thinking that this article may make a really nice photo story… (finding pictures from flickr, then adding some of your text as the caption). This would depend on how much space I have once I start the layout, but I first wanted to ask: would it be okay if I use only some of your text, and edit that text down quite a bit? Of course all attribution will be to you! 🙂

Let me know what you think…Regards

Daniela Faris, Web Manager, , Johannesburg, S.A.


On 10/16/07, Kevin wrote:

I just wanted to say hello and to thank you for leaving a comment on our site,

We’re doing our best to build a community of people who are interested in making the world a better place — and then providing them with the information and motivation they need to make a difference.

I hope you’ll e-mail me if you have any suggestions for us. We read every comment carefully and you can be sure we’ll listen to what you have to say. If you ever have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to send them to me personally — I promise I’ll read your ideas and respond.

Thanks again for stopping by. Hope to see you soon!

-Kevin, Editor, 21st Century Citizen


10/29/2007 comment via

Dear Susmita,
I briefly read your profile and I celebrate the moment that you reached out and knocked on my door.  This is what I know: You are an amazing Spirit. You are Allah. You are God. You are a Spiritual being having a human experience! The world we live in is merely a reflection of our own mind  and the delusional matter with which we have the opportunity to create a magnificent life …  May you attract a life that bears your deepest desires.

If you are interested in discovering what your life goal is all about, in fully expressing your greatness, and in creating a magnificent existence, you will fit right in.  We believe that you have the innate power to do something remarkable with your life and we would like to support you doing just that. You are a blessing to the world! 

Adrianus, Founder, Bethlehem, PA


1/10/2008   YOU ARE INDEED …

an HOLISTIC philosoper & ALL hail to Susmita for her tenacity, fortitude & perseverence!  I have responded to your Penny On zBlog comment and hope & trust that this could provide the next step in an ongoing thread of a much bigger discussion. The season’s greetings and best wishes for 2008, to you & yours. I remain yours,



1/16/2008 email comment from Just So

Susmita, My big heartfelt thanks for you for the light of awakening (budh) that you shine as you venture with dancing feet, open eyes, wise thoughts; compassionate, beautiful, radiant, feminine heart , and heartfelt song, upright dignity, and gentle smile along the  footpaths through the world of What-Is with the willingness to inspire, to warn, and to let others know that in order to walk a true path one must embrace the truth of the territory one is traversing with the willingness to gaze forthrightly at every aspect of its nature, just as with oneself.

So I salute you in “namaste” and tell you, “Sister Susmita let your heart carry you with the wings of the beauty of your adventure, with the clarity of your voice, with the grandness of your vision.”   “I see you, sister Susmita, and I rejoice because YOU are the flower in this cosmic garden of perpetual becoming and yours is the voice which encourages true flowering and true awakening to burst forth in a true landscape.”

And as the Mayan people say:

“Long Life!

Honey in the Heart!

A Thousand Thank-You’s!”

And as I say:

I send you lots of love and encouragement!


1/25/08 Greeting card from True Knowels

Dear mita I’m so glad i reached out to you the other day. I KNOW YOU! From somewhere…maybe a past life, who knows?? This card reminded me of you (the card shows a little girl standing in front of an ocean).You’re on the shore of the Ocean of All That Is. I can feel it. You are a lovely soul! 2008 is going to be (already is) an amazing time. Like the Hopi Elders said, IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!!

1/27/08  Delighted…email from Just So Little Big O

I appreciate so much of what you share and the fact that, like the Buddha, you have chosen to take your own true path back to the heart and to awakening.  Yes, many Buddhists and “spiritual teachers” feel threatened by those who show up to relate heart-to-heart and NOT to engage in worshipful ass kissing.  When I was in Thailand a while back, there was a community of monks and nuns who were fed up with the whole religious- political- economic hustle of the “Authorized Sangha” and decided to get some land on their own, follow the Vinaya and take that journey into paying attention that Shakyamuni talked about.  The Thai police shut them down, brutally beat all the monks and nuns, and hauled their asses off to jail.  So much for doing what the Buddha did:  finding and taking one’s own true remedy.

So, yes, there are many hustles and, yes, if you live in the U.S. with the brightness that you exhibit it may be a challenge to find people with whom the connection is profound.  Lately I have met some amazing people through the Ron Paul campaign and it’s been mind-blowing:  even young Americans in their teens and twenties who READ (imagine that, an American who reads history, economics, culture!) and with whom I’ve had some exceptional conversations.  Lately I have also met other brilliant, awake, inquisitive creatives through libertarian circles.

Susmita, I know of the loneliness you speak of.  My remedy:  get out of the U.S. on a regular basis.  AND nourish your connection to the top 5-8 people in your life.  It only takes 5-8 people willing to collaborate playfully, brilliantly and with excellence to change the world.  Don’t try to convince others of anything.  5-8 people interacting powerfully can generate realities so compelling that others will be convinced by realities that they want to move into.

It has taken me years to no longer be acceptable to everybody.  Now, when someone tells me to, essentially “fuck off” I am as grateful as when someone rejoices in my presence.  Both are a gift.  The first one is releasing me from pouring time and energy into an exchange that will not be fertile.

I do NOT take the Boddhisattva vow.  I do NOT take Christian vows either.  The world is not asking for salvation – it is simply inviting us to see it, to hear it, to feel it, to live it.  Amazing things happen once we move beyond refusal, beyond trying to remedy perfection.  We, too, are not in need of each others’ remedies but our presence here invites us to see, hear, feel, live and relish each others presence AND to move on and not try to make ourselves heroes, saviors, long-suffering and sad-sacks.

I am delighted to partake of the beauty of your expression, the dignity of your adventure, and to know that you are equipped with brilliance that sustains, inspires, and sets aside tired, hackneyed truths.  And if you’d like to talk sometime, you are welcome to call

Kind Regards,  O



3/06/2008  Chris Lindstorm of UnMoney conference

Dear Susmita,

Thanks for your interest in the conference.  I hope you can make it.  I’m sure you will meet plenty of like minded people there.  The main help we need is to get the word out.  So if you know other people who are interested in this subject, please let them know.  Post it on all your social networking sites.  Thanks for your support. …
I realize you are busy, just remember, it isn’t often that conferences on this topic come around!  Anyways,  I wish you the best with your work and hope to meet you somewhere along the road.  Thanks again for your support. 3/14

4/14/2008  Rebecca G  ref: storyteller for Peace Fair,2008

Dear Mita, thank you so much for helping me get storytellers. Hopefully one of your friends at Spellbinders will step forward. If i don’t see you within next two weeks to tell you in person, I hope you have a safe and fun trip. Peace

4/15/2008 Greg Davis, Manager Marketing and Communications
Congratulation on your storytelling success! I made a note in my calendar of your trip to India.  Sure wish I could go with youAlways miss you at the monthly meetings. May and June won’t be any different. Evelyn and Michelle are the new co-chairs of the Spellbinders this year.  We’re back to a less structured meeting if you know what I mean.  Take care! Greg

6/01/2008  Judi  Ref: Bruno Groening Circle Leadership Packet and Deposit

…Thank you for holding onto this for so long and facilitating it’s movement onto the next person.  It is really appreciated!  🙂

There is now a community in Frankfort if you are interested or know of anyone else who might be.

Thank you once again! In Joyful Service, Judi A. Winall, B.Div.,CIH,CLYT

12/16/2008  Bonnie  Ref: Inquiry about AHP Association for Humanistic Psychology

Actually, about 85% of our members are professionals within the broad spectrum of wholistic fields.  Not all of them pay for the “Humanistic Professional” membership category – about 400 do (and some are “Lifetime” professional members). AHP cannot offer any kind of professional credential (except CEC’s attached to various seminars) since it has no regulatory relationship with its members (and anyone can join).  We do send a membership certificate to new members, but it bestows no professional credit. AHP would love to have you become one of its professional members!


Bonnie Davenport
AHP Member Services,


Much appreciation and love to all my friendly visitors, whose every loving
and uplifting thought cheers me up from far and near!
How wonderful and magical beings we all are!!!
A silent Namaste to you all.
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi