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In my sleep, I dreamed, life is joy. I woke up and found, life is duty. I served and witnessed, service is joy!
– R. Tagore
I was quite unhappy in my post-doc academic research and was wanting to change my carreer path. I was very scattered, anxious and not focused. You advised me to get focused on what I exactly wanted, write down all my strengths and weaknesses, and the steps of deliberate creation. I really wanted a position in corporate research. I am very happy to say I am in that job now for past one and half years. There are some travel, deadline and pressures that comes with the job. I enjoy the challenge even as a mother of two infants. My seniors are very satisfied and supportive of me.
So my heartfelt thanks to you, Mita.
Susan B. Associate Director of Scientific Affairs, Pharmaceutical Research.
I’ve been trying to find the right moment to write all my thoughts and of course, it is never the right time, unless you make it.  So, in the middle of the evening, with the dogs barking and the kids running, I decided that it is now the right time to do it. When  I first met you I was very impressed with your symplicity and kindness.  I did not realize until I left your home that your moments of silence, when you were simply listening to me helped me to connect to myself, with my own potentiality to know the answer of some of my questions.  Your energy, your light is so beautiful that you do not need some times even to speak a word to help.  That day after I left, I was driving to my house and I was thinking about everything we spoke, I could smell a soft perfume that I could not identify with anything I had and made me feel in peace. Since that moment I know that this is going to be a fascinating journey to my hapiness. Thank You for being an angel.
Susana. V. A., Graphic designer 2/07/2008
Initially I assumed that You will always take my wife’s side, since she is your friend. I kept my mind open and soon realized that the best thing you did was that you did not take any-body’s side in first few meetings and that alone gave me a lot of confidence in you. Since you earned my trust I felt that you could be real honest broker to heal our damaged relations. Your patient hearing of our impatient conversations ( mostly complains about each other) really were impressive. Your gentle healing guidance make us think a lot better and create a better life for ourselves! 

My sincere gratitude to you for being a bridge-maker.”

S. M., US Diplomatic Services
I am introducing some of your recommendations into my day–journaling has been an amazing experience! It seems as though the pen takes on a life of its own. The most intriguing thing is that it somehow gets translated from the rage inside me to logical and meaningful expression. I won’t even question why that is right now. The best evolution for me is that some of the numbness has subsided and I have been able to cry. This has been a long time coming, so it is a huge relief and release.
Feel Peace..
K.M., V.P. Health Services
 “I was under much pain, anguish and grief the past month. Really appreciate your uplifting thoughts and healing perspectives. Your words brought out a lot of emotions, including a good cry!”

L.B., I.T. Project Manager