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This retreat is offered for the first time by Mita to all seekers and spiritual self-explorers, including Buddhists from all traditions who want to integrate and step up the lifelong practice of mindful awareness to create a life of inner peace, purpose, fulfillment and joyful servicef or the immeasurable benefit of all sentient beings. We are all born with the primordial potential to be a refuge and light unto ourselves. Our primordial impulse is to know ourselves and realize our sacred connection with the universe experientially.

Women need solitude and free time away from the constant demands of family and work to discover their creative self, renew their spiritual connection and find their unique ‘voice’

~There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.~ Anais Nin

Come join us to celebrate your life, step out of fear and anxiety, restore, renew, heal, discover you gifts, share ideas, dreams, get inspired & into flow…

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Retreat Schedule for print

 A Retreat for Evolutionary Fearless Women Ready To Take the Leap

New Date June 5-7 Celebrate @ Beautiful Furnace Mountain

Friday 7 PM – Sun 5 Pm. Tuition $199, $175 before May 15

Includes two nights lodging and three meals (cooked by us)!
Small Group. Please Reserve your Space (7 left)

Come with joy, open mind and open heart, ready to be empowered and inspired
to live a conscious second life of passion, purpose & joyful service


This is a weekend of Experiential and Deep Reflections Workshop, designed for Women and Men on a conscious personal growth and/or engaged spiritual path. It is also an Introduction to the Primordial Path of waking up to our own Inner Knowing, Inspiration, Intuition and Intelligence to find and live our authentic calling and purpose in the world. The goal is to expand consciousness beyond the known, heighten awareness of one own body-mind-spirit, break-free of unhealthy social and gender conditionings, discover one’s unique role in the vast multi-dimensional tapestry of life and relax resistances to becoming the spontaneous, playful, curious, creative beings we all are meant to be!!!


  • Centering and Basic Meditation/mindfulness
  • Self Introduction: Personal journey, where we are now (Empathic listening)
  • Introducing The Primordial Path of Self-Enlightenment (ancient and original to Buddhism
  • Unfolding our natural energetic blueprint/ beliefs that block it
  • Walking this path of Inner knowing, Intuition and primordial Inquiry
  • Buddha’s Noble 8 fold path, grounding the first three steps to Knowledge
  • Mandala of Life Art
  • Transforming Self Healing Society
  • Exercise: Contemplative Inquiry
  • Developing Authentic Self (beyond ego & egolessness)
  • Healing & Touching The Sacred
  • Appreciative Inquiry/ Personal Reflection
  • Energetic exercises to clear vibration
  • Co-creating a learning & engaged community of practice

This will be a Contemplative, Co-Creative and Personally Meaningful Workshop, which is meant to be a gathering of women from any belief and background, interested in self-transformation, Universal Knowledge, Self-inquiry, Conscious Evolution, and Self-inspired humanitarian work in the world. Each session will be followed by open reflections and questions. Get inspired and envision a life full of wonder, imagination, passion, energy, knowledge, wisdom, unbounded creativity and joy! Look forward to our sacred gathering of spiritual sisters!

We will learn how to stay with our experience, no matter how difficult, confusing or painful it gets, stay in the mystery and uncertainity with ease, flow, grit and grace and live a luminous cretive second life from the core of our being. Enlightenment is fun, once we learn to tap into our feminine intuition, wisdom and skill through practice of mindful awareness.

Couples on a conscious relationship path are welcome. Ask for couples discount (we can accept only two couples).


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the law of the universe will be simpler – H.D. Thoreau
A preview of this workshop was presented two years ago
Begin Year 2007 with this Powerful Contemplative Learning Workshop (2 day)Based on Universal Perspective!This is a Free Introduction to the 2 day Contemplative Transformational Workshop at Lexington Convention Center , Sat. Oct 28, 3PMPlease Sign up for future Free Introductions below.Breaking News! GATHER THE WOMEN INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS – SYDNEY AUSTRALIA SYDNEY UNIVERSITY 6/7/8 JULY 2007

Greetings sister. It is with great pleasure that I advise you on behalf of the Steering Circle of the Gather the Women Oz Congress that you have been short listed to present at the Congress! “Dreaming out of the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly: Answering the Call in the Now Moment.” The Steering Circle is pleased with the response from women all over the world who have expressed the desire to come to Australia and share their gifts and talents. Your Australian sisters are waiting to welcome you with love and appreciation.

In sacred sisterhood, Radiant Heart Anique Duc Herwill Creations 21 Mungay Creek Rd WILLAWARRIN 2440 AUSTRALIA (email in 2/8/07)

Gather The Women 6th Congress, Australia Dreaming

What touched me most about this workshop and Mita is the openness and personal connection I felt. – Brenda S. Reiki Practitioner
I loved the “wholeness” of the talk, the recognition of “ONENESS”, and the Death and Rebirth that is “perfectly” timed. As far as future topic suggestion… any subject that you feel and inspires you to speak about and that which comes thru you is PERFECT! I love you. – V. Scott. Artist.


“Thankyou for giving this talk. It has Confirmed what I just guessed – that  residing in a State of joy, even when no action is taken..matters beyond one’s own self!” –  Kaye W (Writer, food-coop manager,

“Thankyou! Your workshop helped me to connect ideas and open myself to new ideas” – Susan B. (Calculus Teacher)

“You have done an incredible job with a vast amount of material. It was an honor!” Debbie H (Director, Howe Charities for Human Enlightenment)

“Though I missed the first part for being late. I kind of got the main idea.You are a Splendid Speaker!” – Sumana S. (IT Developer)

“I found your workshop to be stimulating on a grand scale. I would be very interested in hearing more of your material.” – Kevin S. (New Media Designer)

“Both of us thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! It brought home to me once more that there is so much to know and so little time to grasp it all! Let us know about your next lecture. God willing, we will be there.” – Dr. & Mrs. Alaka M. (Physician and Library Assistant)

“I enjoyed the class. Some things I knew. Several things/concepts were new to me. And of course loved the boost/reminder to do the things daily practice. Thank you.”- Patricia P.(RN, Lmp)

Susmita Barua, was born in Calcutta India in a minority Buddhist Family with deep Buddhist roots. She is a spiritual explorer and pioneer with deep spiritual insights and wisdoms particularly relevant to this time of accelerated change in the planet.  This highly creative workshop is based on her spontaneous self-awakening experience, her unique Buddhist upbringing in India, her current social engagement path with Shambhala and her yet unpublished non-fiction book on “Transcending Duality, Touching Primordial Awareness”, funded by The Howe Charities of Human Enlightenment. She has received praise for her depth of knowledge, empowering insights and her superb abilities to inspire and connect people with their soul essence and bring out the best in people in a gentle and effortless manner.

Seminar on “Living Deliberately on Purpose, Knowledge and Joy” at JOSEPH BETH BookStore

Now you can register and pay online!

Contact: Email Mita   859-455-8642

You may prepay by check to: Susmita Barua, 2801 Adios Court, Lexington, KY 40511 Or Pay online via Secure Paypal   Seating is limited, so please reserve your seat by email or phone. Thank you.