My Personal Vision:

I am committed to Personal/Planetary Transformation & Healing; Empowering Individuals, Conscious Entrepreneurs and Organizations Develop Skillful Vision, Set Clear Intention; Go beyond Pain and Limitation; Embrace Joyful Evolution; Imagine, Co-Create, Celebrate & Manifest Highest Vision.

Seek2know Planetary Vision:

  • To promote the spirit of open minded free inquiry in all areas of human endeavors including alternative-integrative-holistic non-dual quantum approaches to self-knowledge, medicine, healing, science, technology, architecture, environment, space, performing arts, psychology, religion, forms of organization, education, work, recreation, life and living…
  • To pursue true freedom in all human knowledge, thought and actions with responsibility and realize the highest human ideals, aspirations and potentials in ways that honor and serve all life in the planet.
  • To co-Create a vibrant network of community among all forward thinking, positive and constructive initiatives that are taking shape at local, regional and global level; such organic and spontaneous initiatives will create a new vision and ultimately a grand human experience for all to participate in by receiving and giving freely!

“Vision without Action is a Daydream, Action without Vision is a Nightmare.” -Japanese Proverb  

I now realize that the above planetary vision (for an enlightened civilization made of mindfully engaged communities and social networks) which came from within following inner guidance more than seven years ago and towards which I have devoted countless hours, energy and focused attention have three parts like three refuge vows of Buddhists.

“Virtue is  knowledge””  –  Socrates (virtue and knowledge)

“Even if you are in the minority of one, Truth is still the Truth” – Gandhi

“Purpose of the body (genetics) is to serve mind, purpose of the mind is to serve knowledge, purpose of the knowledge is to serve Life.” – Susmita Barua

“If many little people, in many little places, do many little deeds, they can change the face of the earth!” -African Proverb

Knowledge without practice is lame; practice without knowledge is blind. Life that is continually changing and unfolding in its higher expression is not obligated to conform to any human theory or institution; theory and practice by necessity must embrace, evolve and be informed by Life, Here and Now. – Susmita Barua