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Mindfulness Meditation & Buddhist Study Group
By Rev. Acharya Navasajiva (Susmita Barua)
When: To be Announced

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Mindful Economics:  Making Life Meaningful at Times of Uncertainty
By Joel Magnuson, PhD and Rev. Acharya Navasajiva (Susmita Barua)

We all know economic change is coming. But, if you feel helpless, anxious or fearful of what change might look like, this retreat is for you! Please join us for an inspiring and empowering weekend of meditation, discussion, reflection and co-visioning of how to solve human suffering and overcome our man-made problems by grounding in the dynamic Buddhist approach to right livelihood and genuine well-being.

We will develop effective personal strategies, consider grassroots solutions that are more responsive to the needs of people and communities, and be introduced to sound ecological and economic models that stand outside of the current system of greed. Become a part of the Mindful Economics Revolution. A sustainable future is on everybody’s mind and it is a treat to have facilitators who can guide us in a conversational, reflective and action-oriented perspective of this complex issue that affects us all.

When:  September 22-24, 2017 (Fri-Sun)
Where:  Heartwood Refuge Retreat Center, 159 Osceola Dr Hendersonville, NC 28739
Cost:  $170
Register:  Website or Call Susmita Barua (859-420-3922) for more information