Energy Healing

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The Holistic Coach/Counselors value integration of body, mind, and spirit and see integration as wholeness-an essential expression of personal health. The holistic counselor understands that personal health depends upon individual experiences of connectedness with the human community and with the natural world that supports it. Holistic counselors are aware that many of today’s mental, physical, and social illnesses stem from a lack of integration – disintegration, resulting in persons dissociated from themselves, the community, and the environment. The holistic integrative perspective is central to such counseling, and the counseling process is often developed as a practical art requiring Counselor’s own personal growth and spiritual development. Emphasis is on wellness, with symptoms seen as calls to self-realization. Holistic coaches-guides often function as agents of healing for individuals, groups, and institutions in times of change and crisis. Whether your problem relates to physical health, mental-emotional distress or stressful life issues, you can benefit from the skills that Mita has used to help clients make positive transformational changes. Clients have used Holistic Spiritual mentoring successfully for many purposes.

  • Healing, Inner peace, balance
  • Mental and emotional challenges
  • Self-esteem & confidence
  • Health problems and unconscious addictions
  • Death, Grief & loss
  • worry, anxiety, neurosis, guilt, shame
  • Career/Professional issues Mid-life & Other Life Transitions
  • Mindful Spiritual Relationship
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Finding passion/calling
  • Creating Right Livelihood
  • Personalized Mindfulness Practice
  • Appreciation, Gratitude, Forgiveness
  • Discover and Reconnect with Creative Self

Wholistic Healing Research

counseling shares much in common with the emerging field of Transpersonal Counseling. Also see article by John Davis at Naropa University
Holistic counseling requires a unique combination of holistic thinking, knowledge and ability to motivate and inspire positive and often radical change and healing in others, who are stuck in habitual pattern of pain, fear and suffering. We are educators, mentors and facilitators of transformational change that empowers people from within. To the best of our knowledge, no state currently requires licensing for the work we do.

People ask me whether Licensing is Required: Holistic Transformational Counseling is a new leading edge field in alternative health and wellness arena. And to my knowledge there has been no accredited program to this day, except a few certification and home study course. We are not in the business of prescribing drugs, diagnosing or treating in the traditional sense. My approach came entirely from a combination of years of personal growth, self-inquiry, transcendental spiritual experience, independent study and transformational life experiences. 

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I am here to guide, serve and support your total well being, happiness, health and inner joy in a mindful loving way. My mission is to
 1) Catalyze, Empower, Transform and Awaken the hidden potential in every person, group and organization using mindful contemplative natural organic approaches
 2) Support each entity doing a personalized customized Clarity Exercise to identify true aspirations, gifts and weaknesses, unconscious habits, toxic emotions, blocks and barriers in the mind-body consciousness energy stream
 3) Develop customized personal spiritual growth practice, envision and create new pathways to the holistic desired reality using the power of clear intention, imagination, mindful concentration and union of heart and head
 4) Enable each person to see how his/her personal challenge relate to the big picture, the relationship between personal, social, organizational and planetary transformation
 Holistic Spiritual counseling takes the whole person into account, not just his/her specific situation. You can transcend something (any personal challenge) only when you develop a wholesome healing perspective and deeper understanding of the many dynamics of your personal, social, mental, emotional and physical makeup.
 My holistic life coaching and transformation services are always evolving and unfolding in new ways as I am evolving and growing. All experiences are sacred grounds for gaining wisdom, healing, peace and wholeness.
 Please give me a call at 859 455 8642 or drop a line to info[at] to talk about your life situation and who knows it may turn out to be the most important life changing step you made!Thanks for calling![/fusion_builder_column]

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“I am convinced, that medical science not only has not had the last word, it has
hardly had the first word on how the world works, especially when the mind is involved.- Dr. Larry Dossey

What is Energy Healing?
I use my own intuition coupled with a new Energy Healing Modality called Quantum Touch for relief from discomfort/pain arising out of many chronic and non-chronic Illnesses, surgery, cancer treatment, long emotional stress, back pain, difficult pregnancies, and more. Quantum touch is also used for bone alignment in case of accidents, fall or injury of any kind, including scoliosis.

Distant Healing Sessions Available Fee: $35-$50 for 30-45 minutes session. Most patients respond well with 2-3 sessions, some may take less or more

“It is possible there exist human emanations that are still unknown to us. Do you remember how electrical currents and ‘unseen waves’ were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy.” – Albert Einstein

Life Transition Guidance

Holistic Counseling and Spiritual Support is offered to anyone needing help with issues related to loss, grief, death, life transition and living with a life-threatening illness.
Spiritual Life Coaching is offered to handle emotional mental trauma due to discord in family relationships, parenting difficult or sensitive like ADD or ADHD children, divorce or separation, jobloss, stressful situation, lack of self-worth, powerlessness to consciously reclaim inner peace and power

Create a Holistic Life of Purpose, Passion, Peace & Joy
Transformational Life Guidance & Mentoring for All Busy Professionals

main purpose of this type of guidance is to bring you to a place of greater awareness and mental-emotional clarity, so that you are put in charge of your situation. It is not intended to entirely replace traditional drug or physio-theraphy and psychiatric counseling. No one can do what you can do for yourself. Once you develop right perspective, you can affect the progressive unfoldment and outcome of your dis-ease. In the end, You need YourSelf to fall back on or stand up strong emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Envision, Create and Live the Life of Your Dreams! Develop Self-awareness, clarity, and body-mind-spirit balance
Release past hurt and anxiety of future
Learn effortless daily tools of conscious living and manifestation
Master creative control of your thoughts and emotions
Live deliberately a purposeful life
Connect with your true self/inner calling
Live an authentic life of peace, joy and fulfillment!
Expedite your learning curve through universal knowledge and perspective!
Please schedule a free half an hour telephone consultation for this and any other services. Please call Mita at 859-455-8642 or email
Conscious Living Workshops

!Private Email or Phone Guidance

Holistic and Complementary Therapeutic Guidance available for the patient and family in situations of trauma, abuse, grief, mental illnesses, including depression, multiple personality, bipolar conditions, schizophrenia OCD, ADD, panic attacks and others. Change Your Perception to Change Your Reality!

Benefits of Confidential ONLINE Guidance by Email or Phone * No need for fixed & costly appointments * Allows you to chose your own time and space. Mine too. * Holistic Counseling adresses the whole person * Good direction is helpful prior to long/costly journey * may help those who are not responding well to traditional counseling * Reduces need for long counselings as you are empowered from within.

Please email at first for availability and rates.