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Discover your connection to the universe and your place in it!

Make your choices from a vastly empowered perspective!

 New Seminar on “How to Live Deliberately on Purpose, Knowledge and Joy” atJOSEPH BETH, Friday 12/09/05

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Friday July 16th, 2004


Saturday July 17th, 2004

3:00 – 5:45 PM

Georgetown Public Library Conference Room

[ Behind CVS Pharmacy & near Kroger on Georgetown Road]

This workshop will expand your perception on many levels and help you understand:

  • The Nature of Perception & Reality (what is real and how perception affects and creates reality)
  • Your Role in Creation of Personal and Planetary Reality
  • How to Live Consciously & Become a Co-Creator
  • Some Daily Tools of Conscious Living
  • Living a Life of Joy, Purpose & Unlimitation

Workshop will be followed by 20 minutes of open dialogue and discussion.

This is intended as a primer to any full day workshop in the future. People of all backgrounds and age interested in the topic are welcome!  Have fun, get inspired and live a life without fear!

Susmita Barua, M.A., M.Sc. is a self-taught Philosopher, Writer, Speaker and Holistic Life Counselor. By education and training she is a geographer, and socio-economic-urban-regional planner. This workshop is based on her decade long personal quest to understand Nature of Reality and her yet unpublished non-fiction book funded by The Howe Charities of Human Enlightenment. She has received praise for her keen observation and her superb abilities to convey difficult philosophical subjects in lucid and laymens’ terms.myphoto

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This seminar was held previously in a different format at The Lexington Central Library, 4TH Floor on May 14, 2004


“Thankyou for giving this talk. It has Confirmed what I just guessed – that  residing in a State of joy, even when no action is taken..matters beyond one’s own self!” –  Kaye Williams (Writer, food-coop manager,
“Thankyou! Your workshop helped me to connect ideas and open myself to new ideas” –Susan Blanchett (Calculus Teacher)
“You have done an incredible job with a vast amount of material. It was an honor!”Debbie Howe (Director, Howe Charities for Human Enlightenment)
“Though I missed the first part for being late. I kind of got the main idea.You are a Splendid Speaker!” – Sumana Sinha (IT Developer)
I found your workshop to be stimulating on a grand scale. I would be very interested in hearing more of your material.” – Kevin Sweeney (New Media Designer)
“Both of us thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! It brought home to me once more that there is so much to know and so little time to grasp it all! Let us know about your next lecture. God willing, we will be there.” Dr. & Mrs. Mukherjee (Physician and Library Assistant)

Now you can register and pay online! Contact: Email Mita   859-455-8642 You may prepay by check to: Susmita Barua, 2801 Adios Court, Lexington, KY 40511 Or Pay online via Secure Paypal  The conference room seats only 10-12, so please reserve your seat by emailing me by July 14. Thank you.