About Me

Susmita grew up in a minority Buddhist family in Kolkata with a Buddhist family lineage going back to ancient times. She came to the United States as graduate student in 1985 and felt the pain of separation from mother, friends and homeland intensely. She followed an inner guided non-sectarian Dharma path consciously since January 1993 after quiting her job as Socio-Economic Planner for the city. Some raw experience of Dukkha almost subconsciously connected her to the first two steps of the Noble Eightfold Path. After a profound spontaneous awakening and ten years of spiritual practice following self-guided inquiry, she felt compelled to go out and share her mindfulness path, spiritual practice and insights in the community in an authentic unconventional way.

Her teaching and mentoring style is uniquely informed by her culturally rich, spiritually diverse and emotionally colorful life experiences. She brings her mindfulness practice and insight to personal, interpersonal and transpersonal domains and also into her peace and social action work locally, national and international forums.

Mindful life coaching connects you with your inborn sanity by cultivating moment to moment awareness of your own mind. My whole life engaged practice is based on learning, contemplation and meditation using core teachings of Buddha and my own journey to Awakening, using my own self-inquiry inspired by my early childhood exposure to Buddhist teachings.

She is convinced transforming the quality of human life and society is possible now more than any time in history, if each of us take 100% responsibility to sustain our personal and social well-being (80:20).

  • Recognize habitual thoughts and false views that repeats the cycle of unhappiness, pain, fear, anger and doubt
  • Develop Right Vision and Intention for your ‘Whole Life’ including people you care about: Vision Map
  • Discover and find Right Livelihood using your ‘gifts’ and natural inclinations
  • Use your precious human birth to enter the Stream of Enlightenment (factors of Stream Entry)
  • Develop emotional awareness, and mastering the energy and guidance of them
  • Develop capacity for loving-kindness, wisdom and compassion during difficult life transitions
  • Precepts of harmlessness: body, mind, emotion and speech
  • Practice of Open heart Listening, Mindful Speech and Skillful Dialogue to develop vibrant Sangha
  • Feel natural ease, flow, happiness, acceptance, joy, success & equanimity: harvests of meditative life

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Some of my past involvement here.

4 Week Mindfulness Class
Deliberate Living
Spiritual Retreat
Contemplative Community Engagement

Following is a brief bio of my great grandfather Karmayogi Kripasaran Mahathero

Learn to breathe, relax and be home in your own mind-body naturally. Anytime of life is a perfect time to take the first step in right direction. “The Middle way realized by Tathagata – producing vision, producing knowledge – leads to calm, to direct knowledge, to self-awakening, to unbinding.” May you awaken and nourish the seeds of inner peace, happiness, joy, wisdom and kind communication with ease, humility and grace for the benefit of all living beings.

Blessings for balance, calm, presence & joyful engagement ~