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Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Introduction to satipatthana:


 Four Foundations of Mindful Awareness

Four (4) Thursdays,beginning October 8, 2009, 7:15‐8:15p.m.

Hosted By Metta Yoga Studio

Mindfulness is calm awareness of one’s body, feelings, content ofconsciousness, or state of consciousness itself.  This series will combine study and practice of meditation, self‐reflection, contemplation and space awareness todevelop inner calm, clarity, and aradiant mind. The practice of Four Foundations of Mindfulness* leads toself‐knowledge, healing and personal transformation.  Learning to observe moment‐to‐moment mind/body process from a place of stillness and non‐judgment enables insight to arise. As insight deepens, wisdom and compassion arise. By neither clingingnor resenting life’s pain and pleasure, fear and joy, one begins to develop equanimity. Modern clinical psychology and psychiatry have developed therapeutic mindfulness applications from these ancient Buddhist mindfulness techniques.

These classesare offeredDana** for thebenefit of all Beings.

Contact Mita: 859‐420‐3922, or Jan: 859‐361‐8523, for information and to register

Hosted by Metta Yoga Studio, 145 BurtRoad, Suite 9, Lexington, Kentucky 40503

*In the Theravada Buddhist tradition, satipatthana refers to a “foundation” for or “presence” of “mindfulness.”  Satipatthana is the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, bases for maintaining moment‐by‐moment mindfulness and for developing mindfulness through meditation. These four foundations for mindfulness are: (1) the body, (2) feelings (or sensations), (3) mind (or consciousness), (4) mental objects (or qualities).

*Dana is the Pali word for generosity, which means “offering freely that which can be given” and is the foundation upon which the Buddhist tradition rests. Teachers have real world expenses to deal with, and some live entirely by the bowl (by Dana, what is freely given). By continuing this tradition in the West, we are ensuring that teachers will be able to offer the Dharma freely. Let your donations reflect not only what you can afford but also the effort, hard work and years of dedication that have been spent in order that you might receive the great benefit of these teachings. A Dana bowl for contributions to support the teacher will be present at all talks to inspire generosity of even a dollar to cultivate a bodhisattva or Christian virtue.

“Be a refuge and light unto yourself… Work out your own liberation with due diligence”- Buddha