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Upcoming Event:

Mindfulness Meditation
Buddhist Study Group
By Rev. Acharya Navasajiva (Susmita Barua)

Wednesdays 7- 8:30 Pm
Beginning June 21, 2017
$99 for 6 classes or $22 drop-in/class
Contact Susmita Barua for more information
Phone: 859-420-3922
Email:  CoachMita@seek2know.info

Course to be held at:
Facilitative Healing Center
841 Corporate Drive, Suite 301
Lexington, KY  40503

Susmita will be speaking at the Beaumont Presbyterian Church (https://bpclex.org/)

on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Deliberate Mindful living, Whole Life Practice of Awareness based on Buddha’s Discovery of Noble Eightfold Path & Ehipasiko
for Love of Knowledge (Buddha), Truth (Dhamma) & Wisdom
(Sangha of Noble Ones)

“All experience is preceded by the mind, led by the mind, created by the mind.”

“For whoever has not known himself knows nothing, but he who has known himself has already understood the depth of all things.
Jesus in The Book of Thomas

“Hurt no one, so no one may hurt you”
– Last message prophet Muhammad